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Video Trends and Expectations That Await Us in the Coming Years

Trends always fluctuate and that’s due to the demand, we as an audience have. We have preferences and media always has the flexibility to change according to them because they want us, the audience. Considering digital media, explainer videos have been ruling it right from day 1 and the marketers themselves claim this.

With an increasing viewership of video content, Google Analytics has provided us with evidence to prove video content is what the viewers want. That’s not where it ends, according to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. But now, the leading companies themselves have made extra space for video content. We now see the inclusion of animated introductory explainer videos or motion graphics in their logo. They’ve made every possible attempt to make the content engaging.

Talking about the change in the methods, there’s more to it. Here’s a list of the possible trends that are predicted after observing the statistics provided by different organizations.

Explainer Videos

You might know about explainer videos by now and how widely they’re being used by different companies. The first step to hitting your sales target is always creating brand awareness. This can be done through advertisements or a product animation video. But explainer videos have had their name right under the spotlight in this area for businesses.

Till the year 2022, a surge in the usage of explainer videos is expected, especially animated explainer videos. Brands get to create an impact through the engaging visuals and animations their explainer videos consist of. Later, due to the content itself being attention-grabbing benefits the companies with a higher engagement rate on their sites. We consider this a win-win situation. Mainly due to its numerous benefits of it, explainer videos are only going to be a must-have for all businesses when it comes to creating an impact on visitors.

Shoppable Videos

Searching for the product you just saw in a video can be quite annoying and that might only make you lose potential customers. This is why we have shoppable videos now, meaning, you don’t have to manually search for the products now. These types of videos are created in a manner that allows you to click directly on the product that seems to grab your interest. Next, you land on the product’s site without having to make extra efforts for finding those particular pair of heels you just saw the model wearing.

The benefits are for both, the consumer and the seller, thanks to the entire process being enough eased out for them. The consumer won’t have to exhaust their search engine to find what they want, in case of not find the product, they might even give up on the purchase. A situation like this is sure undesirable for any marketer and it’s better avoided. Because at the end of the day, who likes things that are complicated when they’ve got enough on their plate in their daily life routines.

Video Storytelling Will Be More Preferred

Considering the lives of today, you wouldn’t find yourself talking to a stranger at a friend’s wedding like you’d have if it was 2013. Nor would you get enough time to read a good book, an average of 300 pages to experience a story. That’s just how caught up we are and the workload you have is understandable for not giving you enough time for any of this. That’s why the widely used video content platform, YouTube itself mentions that longer storytelling is preferred by the viewers. That’s true, at the end of the day we want to turn on the TV and watch something that forms a relationship. A relation between you and the characters playing their roles in the video content.

That’s human nature, to find relationships, and ships when online content allows you that. You want to have someone right with you, experiencing things as you’d have. This is why longer storytelling has gained popularity in recent years. After considering the number of people watching longer storytelling in recent years, it’s obvious that they to face a surge in the coming years as well.

Short Marketing Videos Will Have a Higher Demand

For marketing purposes, it’s essential to have something that keeps you creatively engaged and informed about the product that’s being advertised. Your goal is to always convince the visitor and that can be done through a quick display of the specifications of the product. This is where explainer videos come into use. Cool motion graphics and animations in a short product explainer video can just do the.

For example, a short video platform, TikTok gained popularity due to the less time-consuming content that’s available on the application. This was a major bonus for small businesses and startups as it helped them get the viewership they wanted for their business. Just like that, your business needs a short explainer video as well. This doesn’t mean that you cut out on the necessary facts that are required but actually include everything that you know will capture the visitor’s attention. They’ll only end up making a quick purchase.

Wrapping It Up

The preference for video content has been observed by the rate of engagement of the viewers themselves. That’s when the businesses also thought about creating an impact through content that grabs the viewer’s attention. After overviewing the benefits of explainer videos, this was the ultimate tool they needed to increase their engagement and conversion rate on the website. There are millions of businesses today, all growing together with the help of business explainer videos.

If you’re a business and you don’t have a team that can help you with creating an explainer video that represents your business, then what about contacting an animation agency? We being one, specialize in creating animated explainer videos for businesses and companies. What about taking a look at our website, where you can learn more about us. And if there are any questions regarding the process of creating a custom animated explainer video for your business, contact us!