Who we are

While there are hundreds of animation studios, there are only a handful of those, who are comprehensive and very responsive; offering custom animated videos, catering to your needs and on your timeline.

We are an animation studio that centers our core values on it and have been helping businesses grow, market their products & reach their audience through highly engaging animated videos, since 2012.

Our team is made up of smart and talented people that are passionate about creating awesome videos & we pride ourselves in making videos for some of the world’s top organizations.

Our Core Value

At ByteChimp, we have a set of core values which operate as a system, reflecting and shaping our behaviours and Organization culture.

Understanding your Business

One of our core values is to understand the customer’s business drivers, why they need this video, who is the targeted audience and what the overall objective is? We then sit together to bring out the best possible storyline and make sure our customer is 100% satisfied with the process we follow and the outcome they receive.

Empathy for Others

We see the world through our client’s eyes. We picture ourselves placing an order or writing an email to service provider or may be asking for a production status update. This is paramount for making sure our efforts are meeting the right need and therefore we perform minor feats nearly every day at work and in business.

Customer Journey

Our customers are most valued assets and we understand they take this working relationship with us as a journey. If some portions of this journey are disconnected or poorly implemented, then our customers might start to look elsewhere. Therefore, we value our customers, their business and there needs to achieve a common goal.

Sense of Global Citizenship

All-Inclusive package, various styles, unlimited revisions, any time-zone, all languages, on-time delivery, dedicated teams, shared Slack channels … you get it.

We are Flexible

We are flexible and thus offer reasonable terms even when it doesn’t fit our sales model which is why we gained trust and havean long-term business with some of the world biggest organizations & startups

All Inclusive Packages

We offer a package that covers all, free script writing, various animation style, unlimited revisions, on-time delivery, dedicated resources, video conference& option to add-ons! Order your video now.

Be Comfortable

Having 9 years of experience and over 600 small to large scale projects in our portfolio, we have mastered the project lifecycle and created an agile-based methodology that guarantees success.

It provides clients with dedicated resource of requirement analyst, storyboard artist, voiceover artist and animator leading by Project Manager who is available to client throughout the lifecycle of the project so that the client knows what they are receiving.

Putting it straight, we are a team who is confident in what we do; we are a team you can be comfortable with.

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