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Making The Best Explainer Video and Why Does Every Second Count

Currently, the best form of marketing is a digital marketing and in that, there’s an entire pool of audience that has to get attracted. This is where an explainer video can come into use to increase the engagement rate, 2D animation videos being the most used. An animated marketing video enables you to get the attention of your customers through a short video. That too without making them read entire paragraphs about your services.

What is the ideal explainer video length, this question gets often asked. According to the statistics collected and a precise, factual, and to-point answer is known to be the “60 to 90 seconds” explainer video. Despite these lengths getting the higher rates of engagement, what all this stands on is the business needs themselves. For different people, their product animation video has different purposes. Under the condition of fulfilling the goal, the time can shorten up a bit or stretch more. Keep reading to find out more about the length of the explainer videos.

The Significance of Time in a Killer Explainer Video

The time has its contribution and in an explainer video that has its significance. While coming around the question of the ideal length of it, less is always more. Just make sure it only stretches till a point where your point can be delivered. Considering the statistics google itself has been providing the hints with, a shorter video gets the most views. With a longer period, a significant drop in the views has been observed. If you have a 2D animation video, make sure it gets the most views.

According to research, the attention span of the human mind is decreasing. Quick facts are what people stay interested in. To make it engaging through the animation and other graphic elements is the production company you choose for your business. There’s a pool of audience and every company wills to serve them with the best. The explainer video itself should have the potential to attract customers and keep them engaged. During this time, it’s essential to make sure all the facts and services your brand offers gets included in your product marketing video. There has to be a balance, the time should deliver the facts that the video needs to have. Equilibrium needs to be there and that’s what makes it the best explainer video for the customers. Short, informative, and unique.

The Length of an Explainer Video

You might still have that question you’re searching for, what’s the ideal time for an explainer video? For that, there needs to be a contribution of the statistics. The pieces of evidence from the research and observations can be a great source of giving a proper idea of the length of the explainer video. When the observations were compiled in a graphical format, it was then understood, the shorter the better.

77% of the users preferred watching an explainer video which was about 30 to 60 seconds, something that gives a clear idea about the product in a short period. A 30-second explainer video communicates everything you have to offer in one precise duration.

The 2-minute-long explainer videos are perfect for people to watch. This helps them get an idea about the product they’re looking forward to purchasing. After this, the customer might start losing interest and just skip to the parts that seem to be informative to him. To keep everything on a proper path, it’s better to have something that stays in between, something in the middle of the 60 to 120 seconds. That’s where we claim the 90 seconds to be the sweet spot for an explainer video.

Like anything that has a mention of a product, preciseness is always that gets preferred. Make sure it covers all the aspects which are of greater importance.

Time Allocation to Different Stages

The explainer video companies make the video go through an entire process before it gets made. There are then stages of the final product animation video, all of which get an adequate time limit for their description. There are four main stages of the video on which explainer video companies base their videos and here are the following:

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Benefits of the solution
  4. Call To Action

The first 8-9 seconds of the product animation video are dedicated to the occurred problem and the distress it causes in life. This period helps the customer understand the situation and get a clear idea about the problem that has occurred. A narration along with the best motion graphics creates a proper scenario where each of the stages gets a proper definition. The attention span of people is low, the reason why presenting the problem in the first stage is beneficial. There are high chances of the customer himself going through it. Once the relation is found, there’s then a great opportunity for you to have the customer engaged with your explainer video.

Next is the solution, give this a few more seconds, a maximum of 12 seconds. Once the customer is engaged, he waits for the solution and there’s a sudden curiosity of what can be the possible solution. That’s where you reveal your brand to them and mention the services that you offer. This will be the perfect time to hit your shot through the introduction of your brand.

The third stage of your product marketing video is the solution; this is the exact moment when you can make sales. Mention the benefits to your customer. Make sure the benefits are persuasive enough for the customers to purchase your product. This stage needs to have more time and once you know which benefits have the most weight, include them here. 18 seconds prove to be ideal here, keep it around this time frame because this is all you have to include the positives and attract the customer.

The last stage, Call To Action should get around the same 8-9 seconds. This is just a wrap-up of the product marketing video where you convince the customer to make a purchase and get the solution to the problem they’ve been facing for the longest time. Include your brand’s logo here and mention the best your brand offers through your animated marketing video.

All that needs to be made sure about is the purpose of the explainer video and if that’s catered then you deserve a pat. Keep it short but convey the message of your company as well.

Give a Clear Message

In your company intro video, there should be an introduction to the business. In the beginning, the viewers shouldn’t be the ones trying to figure out the purpose of the video. In a situation like this, there are high chances of losing the views just because there wasn’t clarification of the purpose. make sure your first step is to always clarify the purpose and the intentions of your business.

The next thing to stay focused on is the visuals and the graphics. They contribute to enhancing the storytelling experience and keeping the customers engaged. The experience of storytelling only gets enhanced with the cool motion graphics of the explainer video.

Is your company new? Focus on preciseness

The next thing is how known your company is. If you’re still standing on the starting step where you’re seeking the audience’s attention, then keep the length of your explainer video short. A 30 seconds explainer video focuses on delivering the purpose of your video. It attracts the attraction of an audience and delivers what needs to be right in a few seconds of their time. If you want an animated corporate video as well, there needs to be a time limit you’ll need to focus on.

It’s natural for a human to only stay on a video just for a few seconds. the reason why the explainer video companies mainly target the video to be under 2 minutes. The majority of the videos that make the best sales are the short ones, that is under the period of 120 seconds. But again, it depends on the company’s requirements and needs.


So far, there should be an understanding of the explainer video and its length of it. Each stage of the explainer video itself has its significance but making sure how much time each of it takes is of greater importance. This is due to the attention span of the human mind and it’s necessary to make sure no part of the video gets too long or too short. Don’t cut out the gist of your business just because your video didn’t seem to get under the perfect time limit.

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