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Infographic Explainer Videos and Everything to Know About Them

When maintaining a business or just growing it, there has to be a marketing strategy that supports it all. There are different methods, which businesses take to achieve their targets. However, this all does come into use but for every marketer, the only real nightmare is a failed marketing strategy.

Following this, great explainer videos are what come into use. If you aren’t aware of the animated explainer videos, you’ll need to check out our previous blog. To enhance the base of your communication through digital marketing itself, animated infographic explainer videos might be the right thing for your business.

This article will involve a brief introduction to animated infographic explainer videos and how they prove to be useful for any growing or already well-established business.

So, What is an Infographic Explainer Video?

Let’s state the reality here, nobody has enough time to make it through entire paragraphs of text, containing somewhat the juice they’re looking for. That’s just too time-consuming, there’s more in a person’s life and none of them allow enough time to find out a piece of information they want to find on the internet. This is where infographic explainer videos come into use.

Infographic animated explainer videos are a joint version of different motion graphics, transformed into animated visuals for the final animated video. This works as a one-stop solution for visitors who aim to collect the desired information from a single site. A business explainer video helps people process information through a visual format. It not only serves the purpose of finding information but helps the mind process visualized information as well.

For a business, it forms a base of communication with the visitors of a site. Meanwhile, you’ll start noticing a potential rise in the engagement and conversion rate of your site. The foundational element that led to this rise is entertaining and attention-grabbing pieces of content. Especially when used on the landing page of your site, infographic explainer videos can prove to be a pleasing piece of content for the visitors which only convinces them to spend more time on your site.

Elements in an Animated Infographics Explainer Videos

Infographics for the longest time were known to be statistical graphics. Long pieces of content, which sure were engaging but with evolving marketing strategies, they started pairing with animations. Later, into cool motion graphics which only made them more attention-grabbing.

With a wide audience available on the internet, the content needs to be both, attractive and informative. Pairing these, we get the animated infographics explainer videos. In these two, there are various foundational elements as well.  All of which serve the purpose of creating the right sort of content that a visitor prefers to see on the site. Here’s a list of elements that create the best-animated infographics explainer video.

  1. Illustrations
  2. Graphs
  3. Images
  4. Charts
  5. Text

Benefits of Infographics Explainer Videos

Give it a thought, why did animated infographic explainer videos gain popularity? There must be something that backs it up and gets everyone interested. Other than it being entertaining and attention-grabbing, there have to be some other facts. All of this makes it one of the most used methods by businesses to step up their digital marketing strategies. Well, there are numerous benefits, all of which support the idea of making these the face of a company in front of visitors.

Here are a few of the benefits, all of which signify the usage of animated infographic explainer videos for companies.

It Clarifies The Information

We all must have been at that stage where we searched for a topic that we needed some information about. Best of all, not every blog that we opened proved to be relevant or helpful. Scrolling through the entire page was nowhere near helpful and there had to be something. For example, how to save my dying plant? Being in a state of worry, I wouldn’t want to spend a good time reading steps that can help, in the end, they don’t come off any use as well.

Whereas, an animated explainer video helps us get a clear idea of the information we’re searching for on the internet. Through some cool motion graphics and a short duration, it’s easier for the mind to get a clear image of the information.

It Only Highlights What’s Important

While pairing up with theTop Animation Companies, there has to be written content that involves the gist of the topic being discussed. Every sentence written needs to be bold, precise, and clear. This only allows the highlighted and emphasized parts of texts which lets the reader only get across what’s important.

They’re Attention-Grabbing

Isn’t that the best feature of animated infographic explainer videos? Having content on your site which grabs the attention of the visitors is perhaps something every business owner would want. Especially when used on the landing page of your site, this is going to be an engagement booster!


So far, you might have a rough idea of the significance of the animated infographics explainer videos. These purposefully aid your marketing strategy when it’s about hitting the targets you’ve set for your company. Not only that, this doesn’t stay limited to only eye-catching motion graphics and animation. There’s more to it, it communicates your core message to the audience you’re trying to speak with.

If you’ve reached this far, this only shows your interest in infographic explainer videos. Or perhaps, you might want to get one made for your company. As an animation studio ourselves, we can help you with that! What about taking a look at our portfolio? If you want to learn more about us, visit our website or contact us if there are any questions.