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How do Explainer Videos Positively Impact the SEO

There are different ways we have witnessed product features being explained all over the internet. Eventually, with years passing, there has been a surge in the transitions that have taken place. For explaining the features of products these transitions involved the product explainer videos.

For your website to get noticed, content isn’t the only thing a business would need, instead, there’s more to it. Firstly, there needs to be a clear understanding of the algorithm of the Google Search Engine. The algorithm itself is a system that helps google locate and rank the pages for the query that gets mentioned by the user. According to the collected statistics, the algorithm alone brings 200 factors under consideration while ranking a website. This is where you might start thinking, what do these factors even include? The answer is engagement, quality, and relevance of the page.

Explainer videos are a major factor that impacts the SEO of your website as they enhance the quality of the content available on the page and increase engagement as well. With this alone, we cover two factors that the algorithm considers while ranking a page. With video content’s demand increasing globally, google finds its way to provide the desired results.

People wish to see more videos and read less, this is where explainer videos increase the website’s visibility. This is a basic function of the algorithms and how simple explainer videos increase the website’s visibility. Keep reading to learn more about SEO, Explainer videos, and how they form the foundation for your website’s visibility on the search engine.

Defining SEO

If you have been interested in finding out about how Google works, then you sure have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here’s a simple definition of what this means. SEO is a method of increasing the visibility of your website through specific methods. These methods involve factors that Google itself takes to present accurate and high-quality results to the users regarding any topic that’s searched.

When you’ve used those techniques while creating the content for your website, there’s a high chance of the website being improved enough. Till the point, it reaches a stage where Google gives it a ranking. Explainer videos being one of those, they potentially help in enhancing the quality of the content which is available on the website.

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

It is observed that consumers tend to watch a product’s explainer video than read paragraphs of text about it. According to google research itself, 55% of the shoppers mention watching a product explainer video while purchasing it in the store itself. A major reason that backs this study is the preciseness of the explainer video during the time it contains all the features and benefits of the product. Not only that but people tend to open more websites that have a video than read an entire article that mentions a long description of the product. Normally, written text is more time taking, one of the things that the consumers don’t seem to appreciate anymore. Since you know by now what Google doesn’t want, and it’s very undesirable action the consumers wish to avoid.

As soon as you search, the first pages always present are the websites with higher engagement and the least bounce rates. It also depends on the time a consumer spends on a website. However, when the website holds information that holds a larger engagement rate, it straight gets more visible on every search. When your product explainer video is easy to process for the viewer and includes everything covered in one explainer video that’s when the customer tends to stay on the website. Good explainer videos keep them away from jumping from one website to another and provide them with everything from a single spot.

Why is it only explainer videos?

While reading about animated explainer videos and SEO, you might have thought about graphical or visually represented content. It can be anything like GIFs, photos, and stickers on the website. When there’s an availability of all these options then why product explainer videos?

For marketing purposes, there has to be a proper sort of media that explains the concept and the description of the product. For that, animated explainer videos are an option that you shouldn’t miss out on. Animated explainer videos contain animated characters which carry the gist of the benefits the product contains. It explains how one can potentially benefit in the area of life where the consumers go through a problem that remains constant in their daily life routine.

Explainer video aims to dissolve the confusion of a person regarding the product they’re purchasing. It gives them the time to understand and give thought to their purchase, all because of the time they’re left with on their hands. Meanwhile, if they spend the same time reading written content, it sure would’ve cost them more time. It’s a contribution to the major factors that indicate the popularity of business explainer videos, moreover, it’s the addition of the entire description of the product in one simple explainer video in less time.

Explainer Videos and their Dominant Impact on the Website’s SEO

According to SEO statistics, 62% of millennials and Generation Z consumers wish to see video content more than written content. This is where we get a few pieces of evidence regarding what the consumers themselves wish to see when they search for anything on Google. Most of the mobile users themselves are from generation Z and this research brings in other evidence about the functioning of search engines. Recently Hootsuite’s research itself proved that 4.18 billion population globally uses mobile internet. This forms a clear understanding of the direction of the aim that the algorithm focuses on, it only provides what’s desired. Even a page containing an explainer video has a high chance of being found on the first search page and most of the users don’t even get to the second page to find the desired results.

Engaging Explainer Video Content on the Website

Engagement on the website is another way to grow its visibility of the website. It’s a direct signal to Google about the availability of what the consumers want for themselves. Google Analytics has its ways to measure the metric, it’s known as the sessions. This term defines as a group of actions collected by the users on the website. It entirely depends on the number of sessions performed on the website, the higher they are, the higher the chances of getting more visible on the search engine pages. Now, this is where product animation videos perform their task.

The basic features of the best explainer video contain a major part of engaging content. When the users find the video content informative and engaging, they stay on your website. Lastly, the only dependency is on the quality of the explainer video when it’s about boosting engagement on a website. Later, there’ll be more sessions and all they lead towards is an organic ranking of your website on Google.

An Increased Traffic on the Website

A product explainer video that is both engaging and includes proper and full information about the product is a way to get more people on your website. There are other ways of getting an organic ranking as well, backlinks, SEO keywords, and an animated promotional video are all a part of it. It might be a simple backlink from your website but it leads to the consumer opening more pages from your website directly and that’s a green signal to Google; it’s engaging content.


It depends on how efficiently you bring animated marketing video to your use. Digital marketing when paired with video content can only be a boost to the source of it, there’s more to it when it’s simply about getting an organic ranking but product animation videos are a great way to do that. If you want an explainer video for building your SEO game while stepping up in digital marketing, then this article must’ve informed you enough about it.

As you’ve reached the end of the blog, this shows your interest in the explainer videos. If you want an animated explainer services video for your company and to increase the conversion rates of your website, you can visit our website and find out more about us and our animation production company. Have a look at our portfolio and get an example of everything we’ve done in the past.

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