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Explainer Video Services and Why Should Every Business Get Them?

Not only the statistics but you can now randomly hear from people talking about the growing demand for video content. There’s a lot that can be provided when someone straight asks about the worth of an explainer video. They simply speak a thousand words and the characters play their part to keep the audience engaged. This not only helps in catching a little while’s attention of the crowd but there’s an everlasting effect it brings with it.

Your business can potentially grow through an animated marketing video you posted; in which you clarified the services of the company. There’s an elaboration of the concept without having the people read several sentences about the efficiency of your services. There’s a clear presentation of a concept that has the power to influence and attract consumers within a 30-second explainer video.

Nobody can doubt the availability of the Internet around the world. There has been a surge in the usage of social media and marketers have only been profiting from it. The worldwide trusted search engine, google chrome itself has provided pieces of evidence for video marketing being a credible source for increasing brand recognition. Video animations and graphic motion designs increase the engagement of the post. A logo video animation can also increase brand awareness and engagement due to the eye-catching design.

Different methods and styles of videos help in developing the worth of explainer videos. Explainer video companies help in the process of making the right sort of explainer video for your business. Before diving into the statistics which determine the value of an explainer video, there’s more you should know about these explainer videos.

Types of Explainer Videos and Their Role in Promoting a Business

Explainer Videos come in several types, each of them made for a different purpose but at the end of the day, they’re used to attract consumers. These are the most common styles of explainer videos which serve a sense of the existing concept the service provider mainly targets at:

  1. Motion Graphic Video
  2. Cartoon Animation Video
  3. 2D Animation Video
  4. White Board Animation Video

Motion Graphics​

Motion Graphic Video is ideal for businesses that aim to break down concepts and explain them to the consumers. Motion Graphics don’t involve fascinating story ideas for creating a video. It simply works on portraying a straightforward idea without taking too much time for the customers. Cool motion graphics involve an innovation of colors and ideas to create an explainer video. Typically, these don’t cost too long; the complexity of the business and the entire procedure a single step has to go through gets portrayed in a precise motion graphics video that explains it all. The ideal form of it is just a simple 30-second explainer video. A short time duration helps in presenting the entire concept without involving other unrelated ideas in one graphic motion design. There are several examples of motion graphics you should be looking at to get a clear idea about this type of explainer video.

2D Animation Video

With a surge in video content, a 2D animation video has proven to be a versatile option that is only growing in the demand of marketers. An animated marketing video is the most traditional method of making video content which has been in the video-making industry for quite some time now. An Animation short video can prove to be beneficial in different marketing campaigns. Animated video production targets to make engaging content for their customers through a 2d animation video. It involves original designs and eye-catching artistic ideas. The video services are responsible for providing these. Businesses involve provide a concept of what the animated marketing video should look like and a custom animated video is easily made. Any sort of animation video online helps in attracting a wider audience due to the availability of the internet worldwide now. This only helps in expanding the business chains through a short animation video. Corporate animations have seen a surge as well and it’s due to the video’s ability to attract the target audience through a blend of concepts in one short explainer video. Different animated video services can help in getting the best sort of animated explainer videos.

Here’s a 2D animation explainer video by ByteChimp

Cartoon Animation Video

A Cartoon animation video is a proper series of drawings of cartoons that are then brought into motion in the form of a video. This provides the concept of the services the business aims to provide and through its eye-catching features, the customers get attracted. With the involvement of different ideas, the final animated cartoons are then put as a single explainer video. Explainer video companies use different explainer video software to make single engaging video content. Here’s an example of the cartoon animation video by Bytechimp.

White Board Animation

This type of explainer video consists of black and white lines and different animation styles to give a proper definition of the ideas and concepts the business stands on. A proper series of cartoon animations can be available in this, it helps to make the content more engaging and forms a better and more precise connection between the business provider and the customer. It can be a product animation video in a whiteboard style or a company intro that uses this style of an explainer video.

Isometric Style Video

For a better explanation of the subject, there has to be some depth and structure for the animated idea being represented. For companies that have services that can be represented through some structure and dimension of the subject normally go for an isometric video style. This type of animated video marketing gives a higher detailing of the services with no space for confusing the subject and the process it goes through. This product animation video gives a to-the-point idea with simplicity involved and customers are attracted through animated video marketing.

Build a Connection with the Customers through an Explainer Video

An explainer video can prove to be your best friend when it comes to finding customers because you’re planning to expand your small business. In a variety of cases, the businesses have claimed to have a higher than 90% of returning customers which is just a plus point. Marketers have talked about explainer videos being a source of formation of a connection with their customers. This is easier now due to an increase in the rate of video content watched worldwide.

Explainer video companies in the meantime have claimed to provide their services at one affordable cost. These can have the potential to increase the chances of attracting new customers. A simple logo video animation itself can be the first step to building engaging content that targets the audience.

Motion graphic ads also can aid a higher attraction of the audience to it. Building a customer through this method will only help in building a connection with the customers.

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

For getting a greater audience, there has to be the right choice and an animated marketing video can prove profitable. To explain the concept of the services your business promises to provide there has to be an explainer video. This aids the understanding of the customers regarding the services that can be provided in one short animated video. These services can be availed by explainer video companies which go through an entire process to provide you with an explainer video for your business. To get a wider audience make sure you select the right video animation agency for your business.

If you’re looking into expanding the chains of your business by engaging a larger audience, why not have a look at our website? Feel free to contact us if you want to get some explainer video services for your business. You can always find a sales representative who’ll be right there for your questions and also review us on ByteChimp DesignRush Profile.