How do we do it?

As an experienced Explainer Video Company, we have developed a proven system that ensures success every time.


Scope Definition

After you place an Order, to understand your business and goals, we send you a detailed creative details questionnaire to fill in.

Once you completed it, we at Bytechimp review the details of the project and then setup an online meeting to discuss and create a detailed scope statement, a clear project outline and a robust timeline for the project.

Subsequently, we dedicate our project manager who will take the lead this stage to the successful completion of the project.


With all this information in hand, we start with the creating the concept of the video. Keeping in mind, the concept should capture the core message you want to communicate with audience.

This concept is shared with you and after your approval; our script writers prepare a script that translates this concept into a compelling narrative.

We make sure, this script also conveys your unique brand identity, core message and your idea you envisioned for the video.

If the first draft doesn’t go well, we offer unlimited revisions until it’s just right!

Once it is approved, It’s is time to move to next stage

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While this explainer video production process can be very complex, our approved script in earlier stage helps us to make stunning visuals that complement and enforce one another. But, how do we do that?

We first make hand drawn story board scene-by-scene according to the approved script. These drawings tell you how your video visuals accompany the voiceover with the detailed description of each scene.

Then, we do all the illustrations, character designing & set a visual style for the video according to your brand identity.

During this stage, if you feel there are any changes to be made, we do the necessary changes and get your approval before moving on to the next stage.

By the end of this stage we present you with digital illustrated storyboard that shows you the final look of your video.


Voiceover is certainly the core element of your video. It has to be perfect.

Our vetted voiceover artists from around the world, in any language you need, lets you communicate with your audience more effectively.

With a curated list of artists to choose from, the voiceover is done in professional studio once you select the right artist.

Next stage, Animation

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This is the most exciting part. Here we bring your idea to live. Our Storyboard artists sit with our animators to translate storyboard and everything in between so the final output is smooth and eye-catching that enhances every other aspect of the video.

To keep you updated, we send you a 30-second render during this stage and if there are any changes, we can do the iterations right away.

We also add background music and sound effects to your video so when you look at the final product, you go gaga about it!

We understand it takes revisions to a finished product and therefore we include unlimited revisions at each stage and we only move forward to the next when you approve the previous stage.


The Video is completed and it’s all yours! In this stage, we deliver your video, sign-off & wish you the success.

However, we are always a message away. If you need to add of modify any part of the video, you can always send us a message or schedule a call and we are available

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