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An Overview of Making an Animated Explainer Video

You’ve launched your product and no doubt it’s a great one. The question itself is what’s the obstacle in product marketing that you can’t hit the targeted goal when it comes to sales? During the marketing process, you’ve made the best use of written content and graphical representation of the product, all of which seem to be eye-catching for the customers. Not just for seeking attention but there has to be a proper form of communication, not just through text but through videos. A content that explains it all without having to spend several minutes reading the written content.

Companies all over the world have been finding ways to boost their businesses; after all the definite answer was explainer videos. These custom animated videos are a definite source of communicating with the customers when it comes to marketing their product. Its specifications and the ability to solve the relying problem reach a proper platform. Where it all can then be smoothed out without the customer needing to overthink the confusion in the mind while making a purchase.

In this blog, you’ll get an overview of explainer videos, their types of them, and the process of making an animated explainer video. If you’re a business owner and you’re looking forward to a method of increasing the conversion rate, then keep reading to find out more about animated video making.

Definition of an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are short videos, mainly to market a product. The duration of these videos stretch from a 30 seconds explainer video to 2 minutes or more if there’s a need. The benefits of it are the main reason these have been used as a marketing tool for marketers worldwide. 

The statistics have been providing pieces of evidence when it comes to the claim of these explainer videos boosting the sales or the conversion rates. Hubspot itself claims that embedding videos on the landing page of the website increase the conversion rate by 80%.

There are different types of explainer videos, each of which stays suitable for an individual’s business needs. The price range can also differ, depending on the quality of the video that gets made. Moreover, the explainer videos follow a definite structure. This is due to the preciseness of the video which can only be maintained when there’s a limited time allocation to the stages in a video.

Types of Explainer Videos

When it comes to making an explainer video, there are different types of them that the client can choose from. Each of these can come with a different cost as well and the major depending factor is the type of video. Not only that, the quality you choose for the explainer video has price variances as well. Here are a few of the types of explainer videos:

  1. Animated Explainer Video: This type of explainer video communicates about the brand through animated characters. It can be a 2D animation video or any other, the expression of the service message is always carried memorable. This happens due to the animated characters forming a connection with the customer while carrying a message.


  2. Screen Cast: Screencast explainer videos explain the functioning of the product to the customer by involving a message cast on the screen. This type of explainer video is preferred by SaaS companies because it involves explaining the features to the customers.


  3. Motion Graphics: In this type, major pressure is put on the information and the facts included in the explainer video. The story of the video and the purpose takes the lead, whereas, the animation elements play a supportive role in this entire video and that is done through some cool motion graphics.


  4. Live Action: These videos can involve a proper cast to shoot the video. An entire team is required for the production and gets ready in a larger time frame. The plus point in this type of video is the involvement of real shot footage. Lastly, this is not for a tight budget, the cost and time, both are higher in this.

Structure of an Animated Explainer Video

According to the expert explainer video production companies, the lesser you say in your video, the higher the chances of people remembering it. Creating an impact is important and while marketing your product, there should be a definite focus on keeping the video short.

People should be able to remember what they see in content and that’s just the first step to standing out in the crowd. Here’s the structure of the explainer videos and how each stage points toward the Call to Action.

  1. The Problem: Portray the problem that exists in the life of the targeted audience. An introduction at this stage of the problem itself helps to bring engagement to the video content because there’s a formation of a relation in the first step.


  2. The Solution: This step focuses on the introduction of the product, “the solution”. This area excites the curiosity of the audience due to the presence of a solution.


  3. Functioning: Mention the working of the featured product or the services that are to be sold to the customers. Extend the time allocation to a few more seconds and provide the benefits of it as well in the same duration. Make sure it doesn’t stretch too much, the drawback is the viewers lose interest in the video.


  4. Call to Action: This stage has its primary focus on making the customers take the desired action. It can range from clicking a demo video and providing the mailing address or making a purchase from the business.

The Process of Making an Explainer Video

The process of making an explainer video is broken into pieces for an explanation. In reality, there’s an entire team involved when it comes to making a custom animated video. It takes weeks to bring an idea into perfect video content for businesses that plan to increase the conversion rates on their website. Here are the steps that are taken before a final explainer video gets delivered to the client.

  1. Briefing: This is the first step of making an explainer video. The client is asked to fill in a questionnaire provided by the animated explainer video company. This helps the explainer video production company get an idea about the concept that the client wants to be embedded in the explainer video itself.


  2. Script Writing: A script is written in the next step, following the information that’s provided by the client. For an animated marketing video, there has to be narration and the steps that the explainer video needs to follow. During that, there has to be a written script that gets followed. Once the script is written, the animated explainer video company reaches out to the client, to get approval for the script.


  3. Storyboarding: Once the script gets approved by the client, the video animation agency then has a team who brings the written concept, that is the script into sketches. The script is given a thorough read and once the storyboard artists get the gist of the concept, the base for visuals is prepared. They allocate sketches to different parts of the script to make the best explainer video for the company.


  4. Voiceover: This is where a professional voiceover artist does his magic to create a voiceover for the animated marketing video. The artist then gives a professional voiceover to the video in any language that’s specified by the client. The next step is the animations.


  5. Animation: For an animated business video, there need to be ideally customized animations. The animators now sit with the storyboard artists and bring the concepts into reality. For the animated video production, the effort of different teams is brought together in one final explainer video.


  6. Delivery: Once the explainer video is made, with finishing sound effects and animations everything at the right place, it gets delivered to the client. After the approval of every step that takes place, the explainer video reaches the client. It can be used on different platforms as well but the website has the highest engagement rates for customers.

Now when you know about the process that an explainer video production company goes through, there are chances of wanting to know where to get it done as well. There’s never a restriction for getting your animated video services from a particular place. You can get them from an animated video services provider online or a production company itself, the choice is yours.

Getting an Explainer Video Made

For businesses or service providers, explainer videos are of the highest demand when it comes to digital marketing. You can get the explainer video services online but there are a few pointers that are to be taken care of as well. The quality of the explainer video and the expertise is of the highest concern once you come across an explainer video production company. Here are a few of the methods you can get an explainer video for the company.


This is an option available but there’s a limitation to it. Go for this only if you have experience in this area, there are many freelancers in the market which you can’t completely rely on. They adjust right in your budget but only if you have the right experience in getting your services from here.

Online Video Makers

This is also an option for businesses that have a tight budget for an explainer video. This option is more suitable for the company intro videos. The motion graphic ads or a teaser is something one can opt for when it comes to online video makers. For an animated corporate video or your business, this isn’t something that your company shouldn’t be choosing.

Explainer Video Production Company

A proper video production company has a professional team that works for making an explainer video for your company. It might be an animated explainer video for your website or another type of it, you can get different options with top-notch quality from these companies. Your company might need a cartoon animation video for their brand awareness or a simple 30 seconds explainer video, it all comes under the roof of the production companies.

You can trust this source while granting approvals for every step that is taken by the company you’ve hired for getting an explainer video.


Since you’ve read the entire blog and successfully reached the end, you might be interested enough to be here. There are many explainer video production companies and they all stand by their name. if there is any question regarding the production of explainer videos or even if there are suggestions, we’re open to them.

You can visit our website and reach us out through our email or contact number.