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Top 10 Explainer Video Companies in United States

On the hunt for the best explainer video companies? Look no further! Our list has got you covered with some of the explainer video companies in the United States. Choose one that suits your needs, and get ready to elevate your video game!

We bet you’re curious about who these companies are, right? And even more importantly, you’re probably wondering what criteria to consider when selecting one of the best explainer video companies. Well, don’t worry! By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the answers you need!

1. ByteChimp

While there are hundreds of animation studios, there is only a handful of those, that are comprehensive and very responsive; offering custom animated videos, catering to your needs and on your timeline.

ByteChimp is an animation studio that centers its core values on it and has been helping businesses grow, market their products & reach their audience through highly engaging animated videos.

Our team is made up of smart and talented people that are passionate about creating awesome videos & we pride ourselves in making videos for some of the world’s top organizations.

2. Buzz Flick

BuzzFlick, a pioneering video animation production company, harnesses the power of creative video content to give brands a vibrant presence and support their growth. They offer a comprehensive range of 2D animation videos, from explainers to corporate videos, catering to various brand needs.

With a dedicated team of 35+ video animators in-house, BuzzFlick stands out as a specialized video animation agency adept at visually narrating a brand’s story, message, or product with exceptional expertise.

3. Thinkmojo

For more than ten years, Thinkmojo has been a valuable partner for organizations, ranging from small early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to express and communicate the significance of their ideas, products, and technologies in a universally comprehensible and inspiring manner.

Thinkmojo comprises a team of creative specialists situated worldwide, with offices based in San Francisco, California, and Montreal, Canada, allowing them to cater to clients from diverse locations.

4. Explainify

At the heart of every brand or product lies a powerful idea that drives its success, and video serves as the most engaging tool to promote it. Explainify specializes in crafting delightful content that efficiently addresses the most significant questions for your audience, accessible with just one click of a button.

Explainify prides itself on maintaining a culture that revolves around being both results-driven and people-focused, ensuring their clients receive exceptional outcomes while prioritizing their needs and satisfaction.

5. LAI Video

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., LAI Video boasts a team of highly creative, intelligent, and determined marketers within the industry. This group of video warriors, scoundrels, and visionaries is resolute in providing their clients with the most cutting-edge and impactful video solutions, regardless of the obstacles they may encounter. With a proven history of producing award-winning content, they are passionately devoted to bringing brands to life through the compelling power of video.

6. Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video is a company known for its pioneering work in creating modern explainer videos and later branching out into making TV spots. In 2009, the company decided to venture into the app market and developed its first app. However, when they released the app, they noticed that a fun video they created to introduce the app received more attention than the app itself.

Realizing the opportunity, Sandwich Video shifted its focus to creating engaging and innovative videos for various purposes, including promoting products and services. This shift proved to be a turning point for the company, as they gained recognition for their exceptional explainer videos, revolutionizing the way products and services were introduced to the market.

7. Demo Duck

In 2009, Demo Duck embarked on their journey of producing explainer videos. At Demo Duck, they firmly believe in the transformative potential of video to add a human touch to your brand, impart knowledge to your customers, showcase your products, and achieve much more. Their focus is not solely on creating a single exceptional explainer video for your homepage; rather, they recognize video as an integral part of an ongoing marketing strategy. They are dedicated to crafting videos that align with any business mission.

8. Epipheo

Epipheo is a coined term, blending “Epiphany” and “Video” together. This unique studio specializes in crafting explainer videos that aim to ignite epiphanies by delivering clarity to their audience. They strongly hold the belief that the most crucial aspect is ensuring people comprehend what a business does, why it holds significance, and what sets it apart, as individuals are unlikely to invest in or purchase what they do not grasp fully.

9. Lemonlight Media

Lemonlight, one of the explainer video agencies in California, provides convenient and on-demand video production services that cover the entire process, starting from ideation to the final delivery. Their services are supported by an industry-leading platform and a customized methodology designed for each stage of the marketing funnel.

When it comes to performance video marketing, Lemonlight is known for setting the industry standard.

10. Anideos

Anideos is a video production company based in New York, and it commenced its creative journey in 2019. Over time, they have achieved an impressive milestone of successfully completing more than 2000 video projects, catering to both startups and renowned firms worldwide. They take pride in their ability to consistently leave behind a trail of satisfied clients wherever they operate.


We’ve gathered a bunch of top explainer video companies in the United States for you to check out. Choosing one is pretty exciting, as there are loads of options, and our list is just the start.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Even if you want to talk about animated videos or anything else, we’re here to chat. Drop us a line anytime, and good luck with your search! Contact our video experts, and they’ll happily answer your questions for free. Let’s get this video project rolling together!