Top 10 Animated Video Production Companies!

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Top 10 Animated Video Production Companies!

Animated Video is the key to enhancing your marketing strategy through fully-customized explainer videos that promote your brand, products, or services. Finding the right animation video production company is crucial, but with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best fit for your business. At ByteChimp, we understand the importance of this decision, which is why we strive to provide high-quality, effective animated videos that help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Let us help you set your company apart and connect with your audience. Contact us today to learn more.

Our aim is to simplify your life. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the most prominent names in the industry to give you an overview of the top partners you can work with. Let’s take a closer look at them!

We have compiled a list of the top 10 animated video production companies in the market. Our selection includes a diverse range of talented service providers to cater to all types of animated video needs. You’re guaranteed to find an agency that resonates with your brand, no matter the type of animated video you have in mind. Let’s review them now.

  1. ByteChimp – Animation Video Production Company
  2. Yum Yum Videos
  3. Motion Story
  4. Epipheo Studios
  5. Demo Duck
  6. Dinos & Teacups
  7. Vidico
  8. Switch Video
  9. Thinkmojo
  10. Dot

ByteChimp – Animation Video Production Company

Founded: 2013
Team Size: 20 – 50 employees.
Clients: Squad, Dassault Systemes, ShareFront, Guard Line, Haikang Life
Pricing: $2,000+

Who we are: While there are hundreds of animation studios, there are only a handful of those, who are comprehensive and very responsive; offering custom animated videos, catering to your needs and on your timeline.

We are an animation studio that centers our core values on it and have been helping businesses grow, market their products & reach their audience through highly engaging animated videos.

Our team is made up of smart and talented people that are passionate about creating awesome videos & we pride ourselves in making videos for some of the world’s top organizations.

Yum Yum Videos

Founded: 2010
Team Size: 10 – 20 employees.
Clients: McKesson Corporation, Walmart, American Express, Vodafone, Red Bull.
Pricing: $8,000+

Who we are: We take great pride in being one of the leading video production services available online. Our extensive portfolio includes working with thousands of companies across over 20 countries, and it’s no coincidence. Our passion for video production shines through in everything we do, and we continuously strive for excellence to deliver the best possible results to our clients.

Here are some other strong arguments for why we believe we belong on this list:

  1. We make videos that are fully customized to our client’s needs.
  2. We hold one of the greatest qualities in the market.
  3. We have an excellent price-quality guarantee.
  4. We also offer an integrated video marketing strategy so that our clients can grow their business and take it to the next level.

If you’re looking for an animated video service that can assist you in producing distinctive, imaginative, and impactful animated content to engage your audience and distinguish your brand, explore our portfolio and get in touch with us today. We’re here to help!

Motion Story

Founded: 2013
Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.
Clients: United Nations, BatNav, ACIAR.
Pricing: $5,000+

Who we are: An Australian video company endeavors to infuse a novel and innovative outlook into every brand video they animate, irrespective of how intricate or outlandish the narrative may be. Their objective is to help brands stand out in the crowd while staying authentic to their essence. They primarily collaborate with marketing agencies seeking videos for their clients and create them using 2D animation or 2D and 3D motion design.

Epipheo Studios

Founded: 2009
Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.
Clients: Deloitte, SAP, Dupont, Epson.
Pricing: $15,000+

Who we are: Epipheo stands out as one of the most experienced animated video production companies and holds a special place among the top agencies in the market. As one of the pioneers in producing animated videos, they have a strong track record and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Their skilled creative team takes care of the entire production process with expertise and attention to detail.

Demo Duck

Founded: 2011
Team Size: 20 – 30 employees.
Clients: Weizmann Institute, IMB, GEICO, Zocdoc.
Pricing: $25,000+

Who we are: Demo Duck is a company that specializes in producing top-notch animated videos and boasts an extensive portfolio to back it up. While their expertise lies in 2D and motion graphics, they also excel in various other styles. The team firmly believes that the script is the crux of the video production process, and they prioritize it accordingly. To stay inspired, they frequently watch videos and collaborate with their in-house staff to generate fresh ideas and engage in productive brainstorming sessions.

Dinos & Teacups

Founded: 2014
Team Size: 1 employee.
Clients: Vegan Society, E-butler, Vmarkt, Alfa Systems.
Pricing: —

Who we are: Dinos & Teacups is a unique video agency run by a sole individual. Despite the founder singlehandedly managing the entire production process, the agency delivers exceptional product videos. Furthermore, the studio distinguishes itself by its profound commitment to environmentalism and veganism. Startups and organizations dedicated to these causes receive discounts from the agency as part of their values.


Founded: 2015
Team Size: 10 – 49
Clients: Square, Airtable, UberEats, Spotify.
Pricing: $10,000+

Who we are: Vidico is a video production company that specializes in creating engaging narratives for businesses in the tech industry using both live-action and animated techniques. While they provide a diverse range of video styles, they exclusively develop explainer and commercial videos in the animated genre. However, their finished products always showcase exceptional quality, which is why they have collaborated with renowned brands for their video animation services.

Switch Video

Founded: 2011
Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.
Clients: Nespresso, HP, Cisco, Amazon.
Pricing: $10,000+

Who we are: This video production company concentrates on creating motion graphics and 2D animated videos, and they also excel in producing impressive whiteboard videos. The explainer company’s team adheres to three crucial principles for their work: setting reasonable timelines and meeting deadlines, keeping the client informed throughout the entire process, and ensuring that all aspects of the job are completed on the first attempt. As a result, they can fashion a concise and uncomplicated narrative that guarantees to fulfill the client’s objectives.


Founded: 2011
Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.
Clients: Jumbo, Fico, LinkedIn, Lattice.
Pricing: —

Who we are: Thinkmojo provides an extensive array of animated video services, ranging from explainer and motion video productions to educational videos, editorials, support videos, ads, and various other video styles. They collaborate with companies of all sizes, including startups and large corporations, primarily operating in the tech industry. The creative team tailors their animation styles to suit the client’s requirements, resulting in a personalized video that enhances the client’s image.


Founded: 2014
Team Size: 2 – 10 employees.
Clients: Konnect, Weber, Coldwell Banker, Great Dane.
Pricing: $5,000+

Who we are: Dot, an animated video production company, has been creating a diverse selection of videos at an affordable price for over a decade. Their portfolio includes some of the finest corporate animated videos, collaborating with distinguished companies in the automotive and tech industries. The agency’s expertise covers a broad spectrum, from explainer, commercial, social, and music videos to broadcast graphics such as title cards, illustrations, or charts displayed on a TV broadcast. Moreover, they also offer creative content for social media platforms.