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Ready to Boost Your LinkedIn Leads with Videos?

In the contemporary world of fierce business competition, the generation of potential leads holds immense significance in propelling a company toward growth and triumph. Within this context, LinkedIn, recognized as the globe’s most extensive platform for professional networking, provides a potent instrument for lead generation, and that instrument is video.

Given its captivating and ever-evolving characteristics, video has evolved into a widely favored format for seizing the interest of LinkedIn’s user base and seamlessly transforming them into promising leads.

Within the confines of this piece, we will delve into adept approaches for leveraging the influential potential of video content to initiate lead-generation endeavors on the LinkedIn platform.

Grasp the Essence of Your Target Audience

Prior to embarking on video production, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of your intended audience on LinkedIn. Who comprises this group? What are their areas of interest, challenges, and requirements?

Conduct comprehensive market research and formulate buyer personas to acquire a deeper understanding of your optimal clientele.

This information will empower you to customize your video content in a manner that strikes a chord with your target audience, thus enhancing the potential for lead generation.

Establish Your Objectives

To make your video lead generation efforts work best, you need clear goals. What do you want more: people visiting your website, email addresses, or sales?

Having clear and measurable goals will help you create videos that match your purpose and let you track how well you’re doing.

Craft Compelling Video Material

Concerning video content, authenticity and relevance are highly esteemed by LinkedIn users. Ensure your videos are succinct, lasting about 1-2 minutes.

Formulate captivating titles and engaging openings to immediately seize your audience’s attention. Employ visuals like charts, graphs, and images to bolster your message and enhance its visual allure.

Integrate storytelling methods to foster an emotional bond with your viewers, as emotions can prompt actions.

Explainer Videos

Create videos that detail the characteristics, advantages, and significance of your products or services. These explainer videos should emphasize how your offerings can effectively address particular issues or fulfill the requirements of your intended audience.

Promotional Videos

Craft engaging videos to showcase exclusive offers, discounts, or time-limited deals. Promotional videos generate leads by instilling a sense of urgency and inspiring LinkedIn users to act promptly.

Employ compelling visuals, persuasive communication, and impactful calls to action to entice viewers into visiting your website, enrolling in a trial, or taking advantage of the promotion.

Enhance Video Content for LinkedIn

To make sure your videos are seen a lot on LinkedIn, optimize them.

Put the right words in your video titles, descriptions, and tags so people can find them easily. Add words on the screen so even if people can’t hear, they can understand. Also, make pictures that make people want to click and watch your videos.

Make the Most of LinkedIn's Video Tools

Use LinkedIn’s special video features to help you get more leads. Put your videos right on the platform using their tools.

This makes more people see your videos on their screens. Also, check the numbers with LinkedIn’s video tools to see how many people watch, like, and convert to leads after watching.

Promote Your Videos with a Plan

To get more leads, you should promote your videos smartly. Share your videos in LinkedIn groups that fit, and follow the group rules.

Talk with the people who comment and start chats about your videos. You can also put your LinkedIn videos on your website to get more views and visitors.

And if you want, you can also pay LinkedIn to show your videos to more people. This can help a lot.

Include Action-Inviting Messages

Making sure your videos have clear and interesting calls-to-action (CTAs) is really important for getting leads. Ask the people watching to do something like signing up for your newsletter, getting a free thing, or asking for a demo.

Put the CTA where it’s easy to see in the video or the description. And giving people extra reasons, like special deals or discounts, can also make them more likely to become leads on LinkedIn.


To make your video lead strategy better over time, it’s really important to look at your results and make them better. Try out different kinds of videos, topics, and ways of doing things to keep your content interesting.

Use these ideas in your LinkedIn marketing, and see how many more leads you can get. And if you need help making videos for your brand, just let us know! Our team is here to help.