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Creative Agencies: Masters of Explainer Videos and Video Marketing!

Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

This sentence holds significant importance. Despite the abundance of content available on the internet, consider this: even if you learned how to create a social media post online, would you attempt it without the necessary design aesthetics?

Similar to how we recognize our limitations and refrain from tackling tasks best handled by experts, I firmly believe that when it comes to video marketing, partnering with professionals can greatly benefit your company and its financial success.

Upon reflection, the process of creating video content for your online platforms may appear simple. It is essentially a straightforward task that involves making choices about the type of videos you desire and the method of their creation.

Why is it important to emphasize not to handle your own video marketing content? It’s because if you create something of subpar quality, it can tarnish your online reputation and fail to deliver the desired results.

Who is your target audience?

When it comes to creating videos for your brand or startup, one of the first considerations should be your target audience.

Surprisingly, this crucial aspect is often overlooked by many of the clients we’ve worked with as a creative or branding agency. The problem arises when they forget to put themselves in the shoes of their followers. Effective online marketing thrives when it is tailored to the needs and pain points of your customers.

At our agency, we prioritize understanding our client’s target audience as much as possible. This knowledge allows us to create explainer videos and other video content that genuinely resonates with potential customers.

While thinking about your audience, it’s important to consider where and when they spend their time online. This information will guide your allocation of the online promotional budget.

Make sure your explainer videos or other content are readily available wherever and whenever your target audience is active. Whenever feasible, directly share your content in those spaces to maximize organic reach.

To ensure your videos drive action, we incorporate strong calls to action. These guide viewers toward the specific actions you want them to take. While we primarily function as a creative agency, the evolving dynamics of online marketing demand that we leverage relevant conversion optimization techniques in your visual content.


What kind of content do you plan to create?

Understanding your audience is one aspect, but determining the type of content you wish to share is an entirely separate matter. That’s why we always advise our customers to take advantage of our in-house script writers.

During the initial phase, when we first meet our clients, and throughout the early stages of our collaboration after receiving the brief, our script writers and project managers engage in brainstorming sessions. The goal is to uncover the most effective means of communication for our clients.

This is a standard practice in every creative agency as it enables us to establish a clear vision for the content at hand. Given that videos serve as the primary means of communication, unlike face-to-face meetings or direct pitching, we ensure that the message is tailored accordingly, whether it’s an explainer video or a promotional video (as there is a distinction between the two).

What kind of content do you plan to create?

What truly matters? It's the quality.

The significance of quality cannot be overstated. It is an undeniable truth. A low-quality animated video has the potential to harm your brand’s online presence. This realization is essential, and any reputable branding agency will emphasize this point.

Consider this: visually appealing, well-scripted animated videos generate higher engagement, and broader reach, and attract more customers to your business. And that’s not all. Thoughtfully crafted and visually stunning videos are more likely to be shared compared to those lacking quality.


By now, you may be convinced that enlisting the services of a professional branding agency can greatly benefit your explainer videos and other visual content. Professional agencies stay updated on the latest trends and possess an understanding of what makes a video successful.

Looking to hire a creative agency for your next video production? Look no further! Contact us now at to get started.