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8 Expert Tips to Craft an Unforgettable Explainer Video

Have you thought about investing in an explainer video for this year? Utilizing explainer videos is an effective method to captivate potential customers and introduce them to your company. However, ensuring their success can be challenging.

Considering that an explainer video might be prominently displayed on your homepage and serve as visitors’ initial impression, it is crucial to make it perfect from the start. Here are eight valuable suggestions to assist you in creating exceptional explainer videos that effectively communicate your business and boosts sales.

1. Focus on the script

The script acts as the cornerstone for successful explainer videos, providing a solid foundation for all other elements. Often, having an “outsider” write the script proves beneficial. Select someone who can offer a fresh perspective on your company and effectively communicate its essence to a wide audience.

Most reputable video companies typically begin the process by having clients complete a creative brief. This exercise encourages you to contemplate your business from a broader perspective and identify its core essence. It is advisable to undertake a similar exercise before embarking on your explainer video project. Below are a few common examples of questions:

1. What is your business or product about?
2. Who are your targeted customers?
3. What is the purpose of the video? Why do you need an explainer video?
4. Notes on brand guidelines?
5. How would you describe your company’s brand personality or tone?
6. What is the desired outcome or result for customers?

Once you’re done brainstorming, start writing the script. Make sure to refer to your creative brief while writing, as it will keep you on the right track.

2. The more concise, the better

Remember this industry mantra: “Short and sweet at 150 words per minute! You may be a fast reader, but give your audience some breathing room for the message to sink in.”

Resisting the urge to reveal every detail about your product can be the most challenging aspect. The key lies in trimming down your script and being exceptionally concise.

Short and sweet at 150 words per minute! You may be a fast reader, but give your audience some breathing room for the message to sink in.

3. Simplify for success

Successful explainer videos focus on these four key elements:

Identifying the problem – Acknowledge the challenges your customer’s face (0:00-0:20)
Presenting the solution – Introduce your product or service as the remedy (0:20-0:25)
Describing the process – Provide a concise overview of how it works or how to begin (0:25-0:50)
Call to action – Directly instruct viewers on their next steps (0:50-0:60)

Remember, simplicity is key!

4. Highlight the advantages, not features.

When promoting a new product, application, or online service, it can be tempting to showcase a multitude of features such as expansive storage capacity, a large high-definition screen, or unlimited user access. The possibilities seem endless. However, what truly resonates with customers are the advantages they can gain.

Rather than delving into technical jargon, it is crucial to communicate how your product or service will enhance their lives. Instead of fixating on phrases like “100GB of storage,” focus on conveying messages like “Ample space to securely preserve your cherished family photos.” The underlying concept remains the same.

5. Opt for a skilled voiceover artist

Nothing can ruin explainer videos quicker than bad audio. Sometimes the quality is okay, but the voice lacks the professional touch and smooth delivery that an experienced person can provide. In any case, it’s crucial to invest in professional talent for your video.

6. Add a dash of fun

Creating explainer videos that deeply connect with your audience is crucial. However, our findings have consistently shown that regardless of the viewer’s background (CEOs, marketers, working moms, children), one thing remains universally true: people adore being entertained.

Incorporating an element of uniqueness into your video, be it humor, a surprise, or even something eccentric, can have a significant impact. It brings smiles to people’s faces and enables them to form a connection with your brand that surpasses what a website alone can achieve.

7. Ensure top-notch visuals

Just like a polished voiceover, having visually appealing elements is crucial. The key lies in using visuals that effectively support the story and complement the voiceover. The goal is not to create the next blockbuster visual extravaganza. In fact, an excess of intricate details and flashy effects can divert attention from the core message.

8. Prepare for the Launch

Don’t overlook the importance of planning for your explainer videos launch amidst the excitement of creating it. A successful explainer video launch entails three essential elements:

1. Choose a video hosting platform
2. Develop a marketing plan
3. Integrate the video into your website

Remember to carefully plan these aspects to maximize the impact of your video’s launch.

If you’re considering jumping on the explainer video bandwagon this year, these tips will not only guide you in the right direction but also make the process simple and enjoyable. By leveraging our expert services in creating explainer videos, we can help bring your vision to life. Reach out to us now at and let’s make it happen!

Don't overlook the importance of planning for your explainer videos launch amidst the excitement of creating it.