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15 Excellent Examples of Corporate Animation Videos

Corporate animation videos a crucial role in helping businesses promote their brands and stay ahead of their competitors. These videos incorporate various aspects of a business to effectively market their products or services. Animated videos are commonly found on corporate landing pages and have proven to be highly engaging. In this article, we will delve into the world of corporate animation videos and explore some of the top examples.

What is an animated corporate video?

An animated corporate video is a powerful tool that corporations use to inform, educate, and entertain their clients. The script and visuals of such videos should align closely with the brand’s tone of voice. Corporate animation videos can showcase different aspects of a business to effectively promote it and communicate its message to the public. These videos often feature on corporate landing pages, presenting ideas, features, products, and more in a cohesive brand package.

Why should businesses use animated videos?

Engaging customers actively is crucial for any business that wants to drive sales. Incorporating an animated video on a company’s landing page can significantly enhance its conversion rates and outperform competitors.

Additionally, an effective corporate animation video can boost a business’s SEO and improve its ranking in Google searches. This increased visibility leads to greater accessibility for potential customers and accelerates business growth.

When creating a corporate animation video, it is essential to consider the target audience. By catering to the audience’s preferences and interests, businesses can create videos that resonate with their potential customers and drive sales.

Animated videos have the ability to capture and retain the audience’s attention. By focusing on a company’s products or services, animators can create a lasting impression on viewers. When the audience is actively engaged and entertained, it increases the likelihood of sales.

In corporate settings, business animation can transform a mundane PowerPoint presentation into an engaging and memorable experience. Animators can use their skills to create videos that effectively communicate key points during sales meetings and other business interactions.

Research shows that a significant number of consumers watch online videos daily. Therefore, using videos as part of digital marketing strategies is crucial for businesses to engage customers and maintain a competitive edge. For many businesses, videos are the first step in the sales process. Animated videos engage potential customers, provide important information about the company, and encourage sales.

Animation allows for endless creative possibilities, enabling businesses to bring any idea to life, no matter how complex or imaginative it may be. Different aspects of an organization can be effectively showcased through corporate animation videos to promote the business and engage the target audience.

How much does corporate video animation cost?

The cost of professional animators typically ranges from $50 to $3000 per minute. The price of animation work can vary depending on the complexity and quality required. Some studios may charge $1,000 per animation minute, while others may charge up to $30,000 per second for high-end, unique videos. It’s important to note that independent contractors often handle all aspects of production or provide a limited range of services.

Best Animated Corporate Video Examples

Corporate animation videos are an effective way for businesses to promote their brands and stay ahead of their competitors. These videos showcase various aspects of a business to market it effectively. Corporate landing pages often feature animated videos to present ideas, features, products, and more in a professional and engaging manner. Let’s explore some of the top corporate animation examples that cover a wide range of topics and industries.

1. DHL

With a visually appealing color scheme that aligns with the brand, DHL’s animated corporate video takes viewers through each stage of their services. It effectively communicates how the shipping company can cater to all customer needs.

2. Apple – Carbon Neutral

Combining live-action footage with cool animated images and typography, Apple’s corporate video highlights its commitment to making every product carbon-neutral by 2030. The animation technology used in this video reflects their dedication to environmental preservation.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks tells a compelling story in its corporate animation video, showcasing its passion for blending coffee from around the world. The video focuses on the unique and original coffee blends they create, capturing the viewer’s interest through vibrant colors and engaging scripting.

4. Cross-Contamination

This creative animated corporate video demonstrates how internal protocols and values can be explained in a lighthearted manner. The appealing animation style maintains employee interest while effectively conveying important information.

5. CoronaVirus Video – UK

During the COVID-19 pandemic, animated training tutorials were widely used to educate people on various tasks. This example shows how animated videos can be employed in the B2B industry for instructional purposes.

6. HonestGorilla

HonestGorilla’s 30-second commercial uses a constrained color scheme to create a beautifully branded and animated piece. The video showcases how easy and enjoyable it is to use their energy services.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft utilizes animation to demonstrate the collaborative capabilities of its whiteboard feature. By showcasing multiple characters on screen and illustrating real-time changes, they effectively highlight the advantages of their platform.

8. Amazon

Using 3D animation, Amazon explains its new biometric payment system, Amazon One. Animation allows companies to communicate conceptual ideas before products are physically available, making it an ideal choice for showcasing innovative features.

9. B&Q

This stop-motion animation video from B&Q showcases their commitment to realistic sets and actors. The painstaking attention to detail in this style of animation captivates viewers and sets B&Q apart from competitors.

10. TSB

TSB’s advertisement combines soothing visuals, a pleasant soundtrack, and a watercolor-like 2D animation style. The panning and zooming techniques used in the video create an intimate atmosphere, effectively conveying the “local” and “personal” feel that TSB strives for.

11. Nestle

Nestle’s animated corporate video exudes professionalism with its straightforward and beautiful animation style. This video demonstrates that animation can be a powerful tool for corporate communication, even for sustainability-focused topics.

12. Slack

Slack’s workplace communication tool is showcased in this video, illustrating the transformation it brings to employees’ lives. The constant motion, combined with Slack’s colors and sound effects, creates a well-branded and engaging piece.

13. McDonalds

In this recruitment advertisement, McDonald’s employs visual and narrative conventions from anime to capture viewers’ attention. This unique and entertaining approach sets the video apart and strengthens brand recognition.

14. New York Presbyterian

This captivating demo video uses visual concepts to explain complex subjects with ease. Smooth transitions between icons and creative transformations make the video both informative and visually engaging.

15. Bulb

Bulb’s 30-second commercial emphasizes their position as the largest provider of green energy. 

With a touch of humor, the video keeps viewers interested and the remaining time in the videos is filled with humor, which not only keeps viewers engaged but also encourages them to share the content on social media with their friends.

What are the different corporate animation styles?

Now let’s explore the different styles of corporate animation. The animated videos for businesses are created using a variety of styles and techniques, offering flexibility and versatility in expressing ideas.

Here are some widely used styles:

Whiteboard Animation:

This style involves creating business animation videos using whiteboards, often used for training purposes. Sometimes referred to as doodle videos, they showcase the gradual unveiling of concepts or plots through simple graphics drawn on a board or glass.

2D Animation:

Two-dimensional animation gives the illusion of movement to objects and characters in a two-dimensional space. Traditionally done by hand, it can now be produced using computer software. By using eye-catching graphics and compelling narratives, 2D animated explainer videos can captivate a target audience and deliver information concisely and interestingly.

3D Animation:

3D animation creates the illusion of objects moving in a three-dimensional space. It involves producing moving images within a 3D environment, making digital objects appear realistic and dynamic. This style allows brands to effectively communicate messages, advertise products or services, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Stop Motion Animation:

Stop motion animation is a sophisticated style reminiscent of a flipbook. It requires taking photographs of objects in each frame, physically moving them, and playing with the frames in order to create the illusion of independent movement. This technique is often used to explore imaginative stories set among everyday objects and adds a touch of magic to the animation.

Cut-Out Animation:

Cut-out animation is a frame-by-frame technique that uses flat visuals, props, and backgrounds made from materials such as paper, cards, fabric, or old photographs. Cutting out people, objects, and scenarios from these materials, allows for the creation of 2D animation. This style can help businesses stand out and captivate the audience with its unique visual aesthetic.

Typography Animation:

Typography animation focuses on showcasing text as a prominent visual element. Kinetic typography is a popular technique where the text moves, morphs, expands, contracts, or changes size, adding dynamic and engaging elements to the animation. This style is often used in music videos, commercials, educational programs, and video blog posts to present information in creative and captivating ways.


Corporate organizations utilize videos to showcase marketing success, facilitate efficient learning objectives, and familiarize personnel with organizational practices and procedures. These videos cover various aspects, such as computer logins, extensions, and email setups, to help staff members perform their duties effectively. Animated corporate videos are an effective way to attract and maintain the attention of potential clients, regardless of the company’s age or freshness. Crafting a compelling story that evokes emotions and concludes with impact is key to achieving positive outcomes. Consider creating videos for your corporate goals with ByteChimp, a platform that specializes in animated corporate video production.