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10 Creative Concepts to Captivate Your Audience

When it comes to creating explainer videos, it can be difficult to come up with compelling script ideas amidst the vast sea of videos online. Even a Google search may not yield many results. However, you need not look any further as we have compiled a list of 13 explainer video script ideas to jumpstart your creativity. While there are limitless creative options, a good agency can help you write a script that performs well. So, read on for some ideas that might spark your imagination.

1. The "Problem-Solution" format

The “Problem-Solution” format is a widely-used and effective structure for explainer video scripts. Our brains naturally accept this format. The structure is as follows:

1. Describe the problem in the market.
2. Introduce your product as the solution.
3. Explain how your product works.
4. State the call to action.

To illustrate this format, here’s an example in live action. The video doesn’t include a voiceover, and instead uses tense music and visuals to highlight the problem. In the “problem” step, a frustrated driver is shown to add dramatic effect.

2. The "Identify - Benefits"

The “Identify – Benefits” format is somewhat similar to the “Problem – Solution” format mentioned earlier, but it is worded differently. The format begins by identifying the customer and establishing a connection with them, for instance, “As a busy engineering manager, you are constantly…” Next, we highlight the benefits or features of the product that would be advantageous to them, such as “Wouldn’t it be great if…” Finally, we introduce the product, explain how it functions, and conclude with a call-to-action.

3. Real Life Story

Using a real-life story is often an effective approach to creating an engaging video.

4. Show a Customer Journey

To showcase your solution, creating a detailed customer walkthrough can be effective. This can be achieved through animation or filming, but if using stock footage, it may require creative scripting to fit the footage’s limitations.

5. Big Focus on the Problem

By focusing on the problem at hand and spending less time demonstrating the product, customer empathy can be established. Creating awareness of the problem is the main objective while promoting the solution can be addressed separately.

6. Side by Side Comparison

Comparison in Parallel: Demonstrate two users side-by-side, one utilizing your solution while the other doesn’t.

7. Funky Character

Quirky Character: Narrate a story about an animated character using your product. This idea for an explainer video script is straightforward to execute.

8. Feel-good Brand Story

Heartwarming Brand Narrative: Craft a tale about your brand that doesn’t concentrate on the product’s characteristics.

9. Kinetic Typography

Animated Typography: Captivate viewers with vibrant and engaging typography.


These were 10 explainer video script ideas that can be used to create engaging videos. If you need more guidance on writing a script, check out our article on How to Write a Kickass Explainer Video Script. To get inspiration for different styles, browse through our list of explainer video examples or visit our YouTube page. If you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas, feel free to reach out to us for a quick quote. We’re always happy to assist you!